Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a fear response we experience without the presence of imminent danger or threat. All of us experience some passing feelings of anxiety that are normal. For example, it is normal to feel some anxiety before a job interview or an important exam. When the anxiety becomes chronic or pervasive, or disproportionate to the stressor, it becomes an anxiety disorder.

Check out this episode as I discuss social anxiety and panic attacks with Helen Odessky (PsyD). Dr. Odessky is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and practicing Chicago therapist, focusing on anxiety and panic treatment. She is trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy.

For the past decade, Dr. Odessky has had the privilege of helping numerous individuals break the cycle of panic and anxiety. Everyone can benefit from reducing his or her stress level. You can learn to be less shy and more assertive. You can stop panic symptoms from becoming full-blown panic attacks and you can learn how to live with less worry! To learn more about Dr. Odessky, visit her website at

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