Get A Free Copy of Jimmie’s New Book: “Freedom From Emotional Abuse”

I’m excited about the upcoming release of my new book, Freedom From Emotional Abuse. I wrote the book for all those who want to live a life that’s free from the limitations associated with being mistreated.  I’ve spent years working directly with this population, and I want to share what I’ve learned through my clinical experience. In the book, I expose false ideas about healthy versus unhealthy relationships so you can separate fact from fiction. Then I explain some of the common tactics a psychologically unhealthy person uses to subtly exert power and control.

Many people are struggling with a poor self esteem, and they don’t realize it’s because they’re in a relationship that doesn’t promote equality and mutual respect. It’s true: many people are being psychologically abused and they don’t even realize it!  Sometimes the abuse is blatant, but what about the more subtle, manipulative acts? It’s important to develop the ability to recognize these covert tactics to protect yourself and those you care about.  After all, a healthy self esteem is one of the most valuable things anyone can own.

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Thank you for helping me help others! Jimmie