PS 036: Dealing With Bullying

My guest on this episode of Psych Sessions is Israel (Izzy) Kalman.  Izzy obtained his Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.  He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who has been working in schools and private practice since 1978. Izzy has developed methods that use role playing to teach basic psychological principles for solving bullying, aggression and relationship problems.

Bullying with words or actions is unacceptable, and we need to work together to make it stop. Bullying can take various forms including: teasing, gossiping, excluding, and hitting. Bullying can occur in person and online (cyber bullying). Bullying has changed over the years, and we need to understand how to deal with modern day bullies.  During the show, you’ll hear Izzy and me role-play an example of how to disempower a bully. You’ll also learn what to do if you know a child who is being bullied.

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